Selling Realty

Pri-Realty is the name of my business. As many know I am a full time mom that is a full time Realtor and I want to work for you.

I have sold all sorts of homes from 2 million dollar houses to Home reality 35000.00 dwellings. Nothing is too big or too small for me. I want to get everybody what they want when looking for a place that they want to call home. It does not matter if you live in Portland Maine or Portland Oregon I can come to you.

I got started in real estate when I was about 20 years old. From there I got married and had children. I took a few years off to raise them then decided to get back into it. I am glad that I did business is better that ever. I think what makes people want to work with me is that I am a mom that everybody can relate to. I have talked about stained glass to pottery on here (some of my passions). To me being open about being a lesbian and a hardcore one at that I love yoga pants porn and this is my favorite fb site. Yes most of my real estate deals are with the gay and lesbian communities. But I can deal with anybody looking to sell or buy a home gay or straight.

Am I qualified to sell or buy your home you are probably asking yourself. My wife and I own 13 homes as of right now. We also buy many “fixer upper” homes to flip that my wife does all the work on. As of today we have help sell/buy 57 homes not including the ones in escrow as of right now. So the answer to the questions “am I qualified” the answer is yes.

selling your homeThere is nobody that will work as hard or as long to help you achieve your goals of having the perfect home for you and yours. So drop us an email at with your wants and we will start to work on your needs.

So if you are looking to get your first home or your eight house look no further. You have found your realtor here at pri-realty.  The realtor with style.